Welcome to SummerFest

Summertime is made for families, memories and magic and what better place to bring all three of those elements together than at the movies! This year SummerFest will bring new favorites to the schedule, a list that is sure to put smiles on the faces of all ages, and with $1 admission per-person, life just can’t get much better! You can stay at home this summer and let the kids rule the house or you can give them a weekly escape and let their imaginations play for an afternoon, creating awesome memories and greater magic with your family. Where else can you become a hero for just $1?    

 Get Your Punch Cards

Our Lady Star of the Sea School: Todd & Patricia Taylor: pattoddt@yahoo.com: 253.514.5345
  Valentinetti Puppet Museum: Stan Hess: s.w.hess@msn.com
  Peace Lutheran School: Rita Kubert: rkubert@peacebremerton.org: 360.373.2116
  USS Michigan Gold FRG President: Ashley Speirs: michigangoldfrg@gmail.com: 360.340.8515
  Hawk Elementary PTA: Angie Gallegos: jppta1@gmail.com: 360.662.9000
  Friends of Bremerton Montessori Community: Alisa Fulton: alisefulton@hotmail.com: 360.990.1821
  West Hills STEM Academy: Shellone Reynolds: shellone.reynolds@live.com: 360.204.4827
  Green Mountain PTA: Danielle Rye: ptagme@gmail.com: 360.908.8989
  Silverdale Elementary PTSA: Carrie Aberthnathy: silverdaleptsa@gmail.com: 360.509.0627
  Silver Ridge Elementary PTA: Shella Jernigan: silverridgepta@gmail.com: 360.662.9500
  Naval Ave PTA: Heather Recke: hrecke01@gmail.com: 360.865.8169
  Clear Creek PTA: Kathy Thacker: ccpta@ckschools.org: 360.662.8131
  Policy Council KCR: Annika Large: annikaaldana@gmail.com: 360.649.0593
  North Mason High School Boy’s Basketball: Brett Skogstad: bskogs12@gmail.com: 360.710.0017
  Kitsap Accessible Family Events: Melissa Shenefelt: sensoryfriendlyevents@gmail.com: 360.990.7001